We deliver the expertise you need, no more no less

We come in, help you out, and leave.
We are the superheroes if you need one!

Here is what we know and where we can help you.

We are not going to pretend we know it all. We can't fix all your problems.
But if we know how to fix it, you can be sure you will get the best seat.


Migrating your current app, or building one from scratch. We can help you build the best SaaS based on Azure PaaS. We know it all on this one!

Cost Reduction

We love to pay less. Lowering your Azure costs through design and architecture choices is soo much fun. Let us do it for you!

Code Review

Code-Review-As-A-Service it is. Imagine someone waking up in the middle of the night and reviewing your pull request and going back to sleep. We can make it real.

Architecture Review

We understand realities. We are not going to bring you a bunch of patterns and practices that you should have implemented. This is about ROI based architecture review. Sounds interesting?

Crafting a Better Engineering Culture

We talk to your leaders, managers and employees and come up with the improvements to increase organizational citizenship. Easier said than done.

Process Building

Kanban, Scrum, or maybe Scrumban? Which one is the right framework for your organization? We can help you make the decision and drive the change.

Technical Hiring

No, not trying to sell you outcoursing. This is about helping you assess the right hire out of your pool of candidates. We make sure they are up to the skills you need.

Technology Leadership

Are you missing the boat implementing a particular technology that can get your product, service or company out of business in the next five to ten years? We know the answer and the fix.

A new era in remote work : HaaS!

Pay per the minute, not for the hour! We call it Hero-As-A-Service.

Remote Work

Delivery from the Hero's Sanctuary! There is no chance we can't do it remote! Hero works for you. You keep paying PPM (Pay-Per-Minute).

E-Mail Support

Sending a complex missin, or a simple question, enjoy the 100% SLA on Hero-As-A-Service! No e-mails? No Charges.

Online Meeting Presence

Want to have a hero in the room? Subject-matter experts in stand-by!

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